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Resourcing churches for world mission

Global Connections is a growing network of over 300 UK churches and agencies with a passion for mission. Drawing on this wealth of experience, together we seek to inspire churches to be engaged in mission both in the UK and overseas. Whatever you are looking for - inspiring articles, good practice guidelines, prayer information - you will find a wealth of material and links to others.

Resourcing churches

Inspiring mission videos

This is Our Story: El Salvador
Members of a church in El Salvador share how the church has become practically involved in mission - 5mins 28secs
Unapproachable, untouched, untouchable, disconnected. These are all words and descriptions given for yet another word: Unreached - 5mins 22secs
A series of short videos to help pray for different countries around the world
Secret Children
Highlighting the plight of children in countries where Christians are persecuted - 5mins 56secs
This is Our Story: Slovakia to Thailand
The story of Eva, a Slovakian missionary to Thailand, where she helps to support Bible translation work - 5mins 32secs

Recent articles

Link to Lausanne website paper: a background for mission in the UK amongst Hindus.
Ann Christian
Ann Christian tells us some of her story of what mission partners and sending churches can do to keep their relationship strong over the years.
Tim Herbert, Syzygy
Tim Herbert talks to us about how churches can maximise the effectiveness of their mission partners and prevent them from returning prematurely.
Ideas to show you care - from mission partners and others
Four suggestions to help your church care for your mission partners

Latest prayer points

United Kingdom
Disability Sunday: Eleven million people in the UK have a life-limiting long-term illness, impairment or disability – that’s one in six of the population, and the number is rising. Society often pushes disabled people to the margins - but are they any better represented in our church congregations? Disability Sunday – this year on 6th July or any convenient Sunday following – is an annual opportunity for churches to consider how they reach out and involve people with disabilities. A free resource pack is available from Churches for All, a network of Christian disability organisations.  (Torch Trust for the Blind - July 2014)
United Kingdom
Programmes in Urdu and Hindi: There are a number of radio stations in the UK serving the Asian community but very few of these ever broadcast programmes with a Christian flavour. One group of radio producers in Yorkshire are trying to reverse this trend by producing creative programmes in Urdu and Hindi covering major Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter. Pray for Whistling Frog Productions and their on-going campaign to bring the name of Jesus onto local Asian commercial radio stations and for listeners to respond to his life-changing message.  (Reach Beyond - July 2014)
Enormous pressure: The Communist party in Laos views Christianity as a challenge to Communism and therefore puts enormous pressure on the small Christian minority. However, most persecution comes from local authorities, who regard Christians as enemies; they make use of society's hostile attitude towards Christians to justify monitoring churches. Corruption is also widespread and Christians are often extorted for money. Local officials can ask for compensation from imprisoned believers for providing food and accommodation. Those from tribal backgrounds - the vast majority of all Christian believers - suffer the most. This is especially true for Christians from the Hmong tribes. Converts in rural areas may face threats of their children being poisoned, or they may be excluded from educational and community resources. Of those that stay loyal to their Christian faith, many are expelled from the community.  (Open Doors UK and Ireland - July 2014)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Discipling Christian students: St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a scenic multi-island state. It is predominantly a ‘Christian’ state where there is freedom of religious practice. However, many students have a lot of problems - broken families, low moral values, the carnival culture and easy availability of marijuana. ISCCF is a movement seeking to disciple Christian students there. Pray for new investment as the group seeks to establish a much-needed national leadership team and to put in place more role model leaders to challenge and encourage students. Pray too for students themselves, that they would be godly examples to those around them.  (IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) - July 2014)