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Resourcing churches for world mission

Global Connections is a growing network of over 300 UK churches and agencies with a passion for mission. Drawing on this wealth of experience, together we seek to inspire churches to be engaged in mission both in the UK and overseas. Whatever you are looking for - inspiring articles, good practice guidelines, prayer information - you will find a wealth of material and links to others.

Resourcing churches

Inspiring mission videos

A series of short videos to help pray for different countries around the world
North Korean testimony
An 18 year old Christian from North Korea sharing her testimony at the Lausanne Congress at Cape Town in 2010 - 8mins 41secs
Dried Up, Drowned out
Looking at the impact of changing climate on the lives of people in East Africa - 5mins 30secs
This is Our Story: El Salvador
Members of a church in El Salvador share how the church has become practically involved in mission - 5mins 28secs
Unapproachable, untouched, untouchable, disconnected. These are all words and descriptions given for yet another word: Unreached - 5mins 22secs

Recent articles

Hannah James reflects on a life-changing year in Kolkata with BMS
The 2013-14 student team reflect on their year at Riverside Performing Arts
A group of 12 from Above Bar Church in Southampton visited Spain to work alongside other short-termers supporting a European Christian Mission church plant.
Rick and Andrea Posters explain how their skills were adapted and used in support of SAT-7’s unique ministry of ‘making God’s love visible to those in the Middle East and North Africa’.
Article by Jeff Fountain for Lausanne Movement.

Latest prayer points

Middle Eastern Christians seek to welcome 2 million refugees: Lebanese TV presenters and musicians have shared how Christians in the Middle East are seeking to share the love of Christ to people fleeing conflict and atrocities in Syria and Iraq. Joyce Saddi and Rawad Daou - two hosts of a weekly live youth show from Beirut broadcast on Christian satellite channel shared that close to 2 million refugees have come to Lebanon, putting immense pressure on Lebanon's services. This has resulted in power cuts and water shortages, and has fuelled rocketing rental charges. Some Lebanese fear or resent the influx of refugees from a country that occupied Lebanon for nearly three decades, but many churches are welcoming them. Rawad and Joyce's church currently assists over 120 families with food vouchers and welcomes many to their services. (SAT-7 - November 2014)
Basque people worship in their own cultural tradition: Inaxio, the pastor of a church in Hernani of the Basque region of Spain, recognised that the Basque people were unlikely to respond to the gospel unless it was offered to them with songs and dancing from their own cultural tradition. For historical and aesthetic reasons, the Spanish evangelical church style does not touch the hearts of the Basque people. Inaxio and his wife started to learn the txalaparta, a Basque instrument. In 2012, the Resonance team facilitated two song-writing workshops and approximately 20 Basque Christians wrote 12 new songs in their unique style, some using iconic Basque instruments. In 2013, eight Basque musicians came to the Resonance base at the WEC centre near Leeds to record nine of these songs. Pray that the songs will be widely distributed, that they will draw Basque people to Jesus and for more Basque worship songs to be written.  (WEC International - November 2014)
New Bible Translation for the Iranian Church: The recently launched New Millennium Version of the Bible has been eagerly anticipated by the Iranian church ever since Elam began the translation work in 1995. Prior to the publication of the new translation, Persian Christians have been reading the Old Testament in the old standard version that is over 100 years old and uses obscure, archaic words and phrases, which render the text difficult to comprehend. Praise the Lord the Iranian believers now have an easily comprehensible, accurate and beautiful translation of the full Bible. We believe it will strengthen the rapidly growing Iranian church for generations to come. Pray for the distribution of this translation. (Elam Ministries - November 2014)
New Christian resources for the visually impaired: Torch sends accessible Christian resources to people with vision impairment in 100 countries. The aim is to ensure that people who are blind or partially sighted have equality of access to Christian resources, fellowship and pastoral care, and equal opportunity to serve and grow in their faith, including as leaders. Pray for Torch partner, Pastor Tibor Miklós in Hungary, who is bringing his own testimony and personal experience of sight loss to engage churches in reaching out to people with visual impairment.  (Torch Trust for the Blind - November 2014)