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Resourcing churches for world mission

Global Connections is a growing network of over 300 UK churches and agencies with a passion for mission. Drawing on this wealth of experience, together we seek to inspire churches to be engaged in mission both in the UK and overseas. Whatever you are looking for - inspiring articles, good practice guidelines, prayer information - you will find a wealth of material and links to others.

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Inspiring mission videos

An 18 year old Christian from North Korea sharing her testimony at the Lausanne Congress at Cape Town in 2010 - 8mins 41secs
Tears of the Saints
Promoting mission to unreached people around the world, with a particular focus on Asia - 6mins 33secs
A series of short videos to help pray for different countries around the world
Dried Up, Drowned out
Looking at the impact of changing climate on the lives of people in East Africa - 5mins 30secs
A small group of churches in the Philippines is determined to be part of the Great Commission; whatever it takes - 5mins 45secs

Recent articles

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Rob Scott of St Helen’s Bishopsgate in London, reveals how the church went about forming their church mission strategy
Mission DNA
Five suggestions to help your church be more strategic
Indonesian boy
How can the church reach the world if we all send people to the same places?

Latest prayer points

Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain
Hidden casualties: There is an African proverb which says, “When elephants fight it’s the grass that suffers the most”. Where there is conflict it is always the most vulnerable, defenceless and innocent who suffer - often that means children. The on-going conflict in the Middle East and North Africa may no longer be taking centre stage in our news, but from Tunisia to Bahrain uprisings and political unrest continue to severely affect people’s everyday lives. In many of these countries, children were already struggling to get access to food, healthcare and education. The unrest is turning many children’s daily lives into a fight for their very survival. Pray that God would move powerfully to bring about peaceful resolutions to these conflicts and for Christians in the affected countries, and throughout the world, to speak out on behalf of the children who are suffering.  (Viva - March 2014)
Political turmoil: Reports of violence, discussions of amnesty and government resignations have passed through international news sources since protests were sparked by the November announcement that Ukraine would not be strengthening ties with the EU. The international community and the church are worried that the country will descend into civil war if common ground cannot be found between the opposition parties and the current government. As protests continue, please pray for the work of BMS World Mission partner organisation, Russian Ministries, as they seek to spread the gospel and messages of peace and compromise in the hearts and minds of both sides. (BMS World Mission - March 2014)
A new society: “In Chile 70% of students will be the first generation of professionals in their families. That means that in 5 years time there will be a new society, a new culture, a new mentality and new expectations being born...” (Evangelicals, Politics and society in Chile, Fediakova, 2013). Please pray for the church in Chile, that it would have an influence in the new country that is being born. Pray that the church in Chile will get a vision from God to be an influence to those who will be leading the country in the next generations with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Church Mission Society - March 2014)
Saudi Arabia, Egypt
Searching for truth: Every month, hundreds of Bibles and thousands of evangelistic resources are downloaded by Arab Muslims exploring the Christian faith. The online ministry maarifa.org sees several thousand Arabs exposed to the truth about Jesus every week. Last year, media workers received over 600 emails in just three months from Arabs searching and wrestling with the truth. The team follows up every message personally. Pray that millions of Arab Muslims will continue to be drawn to the website and have hearts open to the Spirit of God. (Arab World Ministry of Pioneers - March 2014)