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Building Resilience - going deeper

Ministry can be stressful. To remain healthy and effective, it is important to build resilience.

Paul speaks to Timothy of being strong and enduring hardship in ministry. But how can we build that kind of resilience? What relationship does resilience bear to care of the soul? And what does God say about soul care? The conference will see resilience as the fruit of a healthy soul, even in the midst of the pressures of gospel ministry. Our sessions will explore these themes together with time for discussion and personal reflection.

Our speaker Dr. Andrew Collins works part-time as a consultant psychiatrist in the field of Psychiatric Intensive Care. He also works in the field of Christian counselling from his home in Portadown.

The cost to attend this day event is £20. This includes lunch, handouts and tea/coffee.

Cancellation Policy: 50% of the booking charge will be refunded if cancellation is made at least one month prior to the event. For cancellations of less than one month we would not normally expect a refund to be made.

For more details, contact Aneta Dabek