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European Roundtable

At this critical time in Europe's history, it's vital we work together

CHANGE - Europe is changing rapidly and we need to respond together. Migration provides unprecedented access to peoples that we couldn’t reach before. Changes like BREXIT and radical political parties are rewriting the face of Europe.

UNITY - Europe is too big and too diverse for any of us to reach it on our own. Now more than ever we need to work together if we are to change Europe’s future.

UNIQUENESS - Your organisation is making a unique contribution to God’s work in Europe. We’d like you to bring that distinctiveness and share it at Global Connections’ first European Roundtable.

TOGETHER - None of has all the answers. But together we may find solutions we wouldn’t alone. So come and meet top leaders from many other European ministries. And let’s see where that leads.

INSIGHT  - To stretch our thinking we’ll hear from Matthew Skirton, who set up a pioneering work in Moldova, ministered for 20 years in Eastern Europe and is now OM’s UK Field Leader.

Europe is the darkest continent in the world right now as far as Evangelical Christians are concerned, we need to see God’s kingdom come. It's with this urgency to reach out with the gospel and co-ordination needs to happen like never before. Europe is too big and too diverse and we can only respond to the need together. We need the unique contribution of each agency working in tandem.

Join with Global Connections, OM, ECM and TEN

The event is free. Please bring your own lunch, and complete the form below to book your place. Tea and coffee will be served from 10:30 with the event beginning at 10:45am.

For more details, contact Esther Ross
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