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Mindfulness: A gift for the Church or Buddhism by the Back Door?


It is with great regret and much sadness that we have reluctantly postponed this event due to serious illness in the family of one of the speakers.  We will review the future possibilities in three months' time and in the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenience this will have caused to those who have already booked, whom we have contacted directly.  Hugh sends his deep regrets about the situation, but we are sure that you will all understand.

We are bringing together two speakers who will share their experiences and research into the relatively new use of ‘Mindfulness’ as a process in psychotherapy and as a means to enable Christians to draw closer to God. Is it helpful or harmful? Many of us really don’t know and it is hoped that through the presentations and our discussion together, our speakers will help us towards some conclusions.

Venue: Christian Medical Fellowship conference room, 6 Marshalsea Road, London, SE1 1HL (Nearest underground: Borough)

Timings: Tuesday 4th July, 12:00 to 16:00, with coffee available from 11:30

Speakers: Dr Hugh Kemp & the Revd Shaun Lambert

Responder: Revd Kumar Rajagopalan

Chairman for the day: Dr Wilma Davies

We have invited Hugh and Shaun, whose details may be found to the right, to help us to understand and learn a bit more about Mindfulness and, with the help of our responder Kumar and our chairman Wilma, to answer such questions as:

  • How should the church react to the growing use of Mindfulness as a tool in Psychotherapy? 
  • Why are many churches embracing it themselves as a great asset, opening the way to greater spirituality?
  • Is it an entry into Christian Mysticism and a way in which we might each be enriched in our closeness to God?
  • Is it ‘Buddhism by the back door’?
  • What are the origins of Mindfulness: Old Testament, New Testament, Buddhist or Hindu?
  • What may be the dangers of Mindfulness for Christians?
  • Can it be another name for Christian meditation?
  • Does it depend upon who is leading the session?

Just a few years ago, a group of us looked at possible reasons why many secular westerners seemed to be drawn towards Buddhism and one of the reasons posed was that perhaps the churches then were not offering so many opportunities for quiet meditation. For this reason we felt that an investigation into Mindfulness would be an appropriate topic for our event in July.

Do join us – booking is now open below.

There is a £20 charge for this event, which is payable in advance and which includes a sandwich lunch. Drinks will be available all day from 11.30 am. We do hope that you will be able to join us and we look forward to receiving your bookings via the Global Connections website.

Cancellation Policy: 50% of the booking charge will be refunded if cancellation is made at least one month prior to the event. For cancellations of less than one month we would not normally expect a refund to be made.

For more details, contact Ann Bower