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Exploring how the SDGs link with God’s plan for the world

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are officially known as Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. They have 169 targets with an inspirational strap lone that states: Leave no one behind.

In September 2000 the world leaders all signed up to 8 Millennium Development Goals. In the insuing 15 years much progress was made to reduce extreme poverty.

As the deadline for approached for their achievement there was much to celebrate on and much to lament over. Having Global Goals to help raise awareness about the travesty of poverty gained momentum, as did the public's drive to hold governments to account for their commitments made to act on reducing poverty. The broad consultation and evaluation led to the launch to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015 taking us to the new deadline of 2030.

Development goals seek to make a better life for the poor and disadvantaged and this is certainly part of the Good News. The Gospel does not seek simply a better life though, as important as this is. The Gospel is a declaration and a demonstration of God’s love and justice; the Gospel breaks the chains of inequality and oppression, it confronts corruption and those who exploit and the Gospel declares the reign of God.

In light of this how do we respond to the SDGs as Christian Mission agencies. How do these “transformational” goals match with God’s plan for the world on this side of the new creation?

This day will be an opportunity to explore what the SDGs are, and to provide the tools to translate these goals into your mission team’s context.

More information about speakers will be shared shortly.

The event starts promptly at 11:00am (10:30am for refreshments) and finishes at 4:00pm. 


The cost is £20 to people from GC member agencies and churches. Cost for non GC members is £50. Refreshments and lunch are included in the price. Please complete the form below to book your place.

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