Mission at the heart of the church, the church at the heart of mission

Mission Educators Forum (2 days)

Sharing good practice in defining and teaching key mission concepts.

Stressing the tensions: Does terminology indicate a different approach to mission? Or do different words mean similar things?

The overall purpose of the forum is to provide a space to share good practice in defining and teaching key mission concepts. This event seeks to explore the contrasting terminology used in training colleges today and in different churches. For example, what has been the effect of the move from mission to missional lifestyle for the church?

There will be a variety of presentations, case studies and discussions presented by various colleges. Through the opportunities for mission educators to meet peers and discuss issues, difficulties and successes, we hope that we will be able to probe the creative tensions in our work, while also moving towards resolution in at least some areas.

After looking at terminology, people from various colleges will present on the three key themes of:-

  • Universal faith – Contextual faith. Tensions in the understanding of mission/cultural understandings of faith. How do we deal with the polarity between the gospel being contextual or more universal?
  • Kingdom - Gospel. Tensions in the activities of mission. Is there a huge theological divide between these terms and how they are used? What do we mean by mission as transformation? Does an emphasis on integral or holistic mission undermine evangelism?
  • Global mission – Local mission. Tensions in the scope of mission. How do we educate people for mission – global and local?

Each session will be facilitated by two lecturers. Confirmed contributors include Dr. Paul Davies and Revd. Dr. Warren Beattie (All Nations), Richard Tiplady (Scottish School of Mission), and Revd. Dr. Howard Wormsley (Trinity, Bristol).

This year we are also trying something new: a session called, 'Fresh thinking in mission'. We want to give an opportunity for six students or recent graduates from amongst participating colleges present a piece of their own research on a missiological theme. They will be expected to present for six minutes and field questions for three minutes. They will also need to produce a poster depicting their work.

This event is by invitation only for mission educators from training colleges or with training responsibility in an mission agency. The cost is £89 for people from Global Connections members. The programme, including meals and accommodation, will start at 12.00 with lunch on Monday 19th June, and finish after lunch the following day. If you are a non-member (price for non-members is £109), please contact Laura Prime for availability as there are a limited number of places. Accommodation and food are part of the cost. Lunch is provided at the beginning of the event and at the end. Accommodation will be in single rooms unless otherwise requested.


Cancellation Policy: The majority of the cost of a residential event is the accommodation charge which we have to pay to the conference centre well in advance of the event. Therefore, although we will aim to be as generous as possible with our refunds, they will normally only consist of a small proportion of the amount paid and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more details, contact Laura Prime
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