Mission at the heart of the church, the church at the heart of mission

Passion for Mission

God's Mission in a time of transition. What is the role of the UK in mission today in a world that has changed so much and continues to change?

Each year Global Connections runs a special day event for the network on a key topic and this year the event will be at All Souls, Langham Place in London. The afternoon will provide opportunity for reflection on some key mission issues and the evening a chance to meet Anna Bishop, Global Connections' new Director. A buffet meal is provided between the events.

Over many years now, mission agencies and churches have been seeking to address the global context of mission and the role of the UK within that. The world continues to be in a time of transition in so many areas. The growth of the global church and the changing role of the West in a globalised world leads to so many questions for the UK's role in mission, and often it feels like there are no answers. Times of transition can be daunting, but they are also exciting. It is impossible to cover all the issues in a short session but the aim is to help people consider a few of them and how they affect what mission looks like for the UK in this uncertain and changing world.

The afternoon session will run from 3.00pm to 5.30pm and it is hoped to inspire and encourage through a series of short talks and stories. Speakers include Louisa Evans (All Nations Christian College), Israel Olofinjana (Woolwich Central Baptist Church London), Peter Rowan (OMF International UK), Martin Lee and Anna Bishop. In particular, we will seek to provide a few glimpses into themes such as:-

  • How can the West stop misusing its power and have as its starting point one of mutual respect with the church in the global south?
  • How can we stop our dualism and present the gospel within an integral mission reality?
  • How do we ensure that the hard places, where Christ's name is little known, are not forgotten?

At the same time, Global Connections is also going through a time of transition of its own and following a buffet meal, there will be an evening event from 6.45pm to 8.15pm at which Rev'd Hugh Palmer (Rector at All Souls, Langham Place) will be the main speaker. There will be a chance to welcome Anna Bishop as she takes on the reins at Global Connections and it will also be Martin Lee's final network wide event.

The afternoon and evening events are free though there will be a collection towards expenses. As we expect numbers to be high, please book in advance on the form below, especially if you want to join in the buffet meal. 

For more details, contact Laura Prime
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