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Business and Mission Forum

Using business and professional skills in mission

Today some conventional missionary routes are no longer available. Agencies are looking for alternative strategies and ways of achieving their vision and calling. In this context, business and professional people can help enormously, through the use of their expertise and experience.

The forum seeks to raise awareness of mission opportunities open to business people and professionals, to help individuals to find and fulfil their personal calling, and agencies to find the resources they need to develop new mission opportunities. Business people work with a wide range of income-generating and management expertise which many countries need and which are therefore positively encouraged. So they can provide excellent opportunities to bring Christian values into places closed to more traditional initiatives.

The Apostle Paul used 'tentmaking' to avoid being a burden on the infant churches. He also used it to model his teaching through hard work, integrity and business ethics. Today the term is used in some countries whose for those who use their work as an opportunity to spread the Gospel in another country or culture.

The Business and Mission Forum only meets on occasionally and therefore mainly about pointing to useful resources, papers and links. The links and resources are designed to help the understanding of the wider use of Christian business and professional expertise to aid and extend the work of agencies.

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