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East Asia Diaspora Forum

Addressing key issues for those working with East Asian Diaspora communities in the UK

Who is it for?

Organisations, churches and individuals who have a desire to see East Asians come to Christ and be mobilised for mission both in the UK and Globally. We desire to see and welcome practitioners from both the Ethnic churches and British churches coming together to fellowship and learn from each other.

What is the focus?

This forum will be concentrating on the many East Asian Diaspora peoples who are currently either living or studying in the UK. This includes Japanese, Koreans and Mainland Chinese amongst others.

We are incorporating both East Asia and South East Asia in the above countries specified, but for ease of reference we will call the forum East Asia Diaspora Forum.

The forum is made up of a group of Diaspora practitioners who see the need for more co-operation and resource sharing within the East Asia Diaspora context.

The EADF is a facilitator and catalyst to see:

  • Fellowship and support networks springing up around the UK for those involved in ministry to East Asia’s Diaspora peoples.
  • The cross-fertilisation of ideas regarding evangelism and discipleship models within the networks of Ethnic and British churches, and between differing East Asian people groups and organisations.
  • The inter-dependence of both British and Ethnic churches in seeing East Asians won for Christ in the UK and discipled in a contextualised way.To create opportunities for that to be realised - to get them together and hear each other’s stories, struggles and ideas.
  • The engagement in joint projects on common issues and challenges, working together to find solutions.
  • The development and practice of good models for ministry, which meet the needs of current trends within East Asia’s Diaspora.
  • To mobilise and facilitate East Asians becoming more missional both in the UK and globally.

We work together, modelling our need for each other, sharing what can be accomplished in partnership with others and to this end we practise unity in diversity.

When do we meet?

The forum plans to hold an event each year while the Steering Group continues to work and meet between events.

Who is on the planning team?

This forum is chaired by Carolyn Kemp (OMF International, Diaspora Ministries) and leaders from other groups form a Steering Group.

For more details, contact Ann Bower

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