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Latin America Roundtable

Bringing together people who are passionate for the growth of the Latin American church throughout the world

The Latin America Roundtable brings together agencies, churches and individuals that have a presence and work in Latin America or with Latin Americans.

Recently the forum has changed how it meets. The emphasis is now mainly on small specialist meetings, once or twice a year, to look at issues relating to sending people to, and receiving people from Latin America, with informal honest conversations and sharing. This is mainly now by invitation, but if you would like to join this group please contact Laura Prime using the contact below.

Although the focus is now mainly on smaller meetings, it is also planned to organise occasional events for the wider community interested in Latin America. Papers from previous events are available using the link below.

At the moment CMS, Latin Link, Tearfund, The International Board, Serving in Mission, Mission for the 3rd Millennium and Mission Paraquay are meeting together. Meetings are chaired by Jo Anthony (CMS) and the roundtable is administered by Global Connections.


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