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To advance the Kingdom of God by supporting and encouraging Christian leaders and churches overseas, through prayer, pastoral support and prophetic ministry.
Equipping missions, churches and charities anywhere via the internet, with free training resources for income generation to help reduce severe poverty as a contributor to global integral mission.
Providing quality educational services for Africa and the Middle East
Anthony Collins Solicitors provides a wide range of legal services to an even wider range of charities, including many members of the Global Connections network.
Equipping mission personnel for effective service
Serving those who serve overseas
A commercial professional services consultancy supplying IT support and services.
Protecting People, Reducing Risk
Brierley Consultancy is available to help churches, or Christian organisations in the areas of vision building, strategic enabling and interpretative research
Pastorally supporting Christians working overseas
A Scottish international charity building capacity in the developing world through clinical education in palliative care
An independent Christian charity providing professional advice, support, training and resources in all areas of safeguarding children and for those affected by abuse
Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World is a network/training hub that will aim to prepare, equip and encourage pastors and missionaries from the Majority World in Britain as well as help indigenous British Christians and churches understand Christians from the South.
Intimacy with God through the experience of grace
Mobilising and supporting Christian healthcare professionals and students
Offering a range of services including design, print and distribution
Climate Stewards is a Christian carbon offsetting charity.
CHGN resources, supports and connects community health workers, pastors, community leaders, academics and health care professionals
Cornford House is registered with the Commission for Social Care Inspection as a Care Home with Nursing for thirty older people
Marion lectures internationally on the subject of raising families overseas and on cross-cultural transition, adjustment and re-entry
'Get where you want to go, become who you are meant to be.' Training and coaching for individuals and organisations.
Creating events and resources that enable others to encounter God's love, allow them to be inspired by God's word, and live lives that bring transformation to communities.
HealthLink360 exists to provide medical and psychological care to global workers and their families
Provision of whole person healthcare
Training Christians to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL/TESOL)
Frontline International Student Ministry and developing ISM in other countries
Church consultant and trainer specialising in creative organisation and people skills
A home away from home for Christian workers in Asia
Religious literacy in world affairs
Employment law and human resources advice to churches, charities and businesses.
Equipping the Church through events and resources
Supporter recruitment and supporter relationship development
A versatile shipping agency, transporting goods for both emergency and ongoing relief programmes
Mission support agency involved particularly in Bible Translation support services
Fundraising advice and services
Working with families and small schools around the world changing the way that formal learning takes place
Providing professional training, consulting, counseling and resourcing for the development and care of Christian mission organisations and their members.
OSCAR provides information, advice and resources for those involved or interested in Christian or mission work overseas.
OSCAR provides information, advice and resources for those involved or interested in Christian or mission work overseas.
We help Charities and Businesses increase their effectiveness by the strategic re-alignment of People or Property Assets
Providing graphic and editorial resource for church magazine/website editors
UK and overseas mission workers can relax, renew and encounter God in this beautiful setting
Using market research and marketing strategy to support mission
Dr Colin Lamb is an independent consutant for issues relating to member care and culture and language acquisition training.
Soapbox Training Trust has been set up to assist charitable organisations and churches with low cost DBS checks and Food Safety Courses.
Sovereign World Trust are providing free literature to pastors, leaders and colleges in 140 nations around the world
We help people give. Since 1906 Stewardship has provided advice, guidance, inspiration and practical tools to make it simple for people to give easily and tax effectively.
A one person design solution
We provide training, pastoral support, debriefing and practical support resources to mission workers, chuches and agencies, particularly with a view to helping to alleviate stress and burnout.
WattsYourPathway provides understanding and accompaniment to repatriates during your re-entry transition, enabling growth and confidence in yourself and what you have to offer
Whitchester‘s vision is to enable people to meet with God through hospitality, both as individuals and as groups
Whitefield Christian Trust helps to provide housing for long serving Christian workers upon their retirement or return to the UK
Broadcasting Christian TV programmes over the internet, cable TV and satellite.
Xenos is an organisation seeking to enable Third Culture Kids to reach their full potential
Claudia offers counselling, coaching and debriefing in-person or online. She has a special interest in preparing families and children for transition between cultures, including re-entry and debriefing.
Helping your organisation achieve lasting benefits from better supporter relationships