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Coming events

25 Sep 18
Introduction to coaching skills
Location: Northampton
13 Oct 18
Majority World Christians in Britain
Location: Sheffield
15 Oct 18
Family debriefing
Location: Derby
17 Oct 18
Pursuing Justice
Location: London
17 Oct 18
Leading From The Inside Out
Location: Stone, Staffordshire
17 Oct 18
Start well, finish well, move forward
Location: King's Park, Northampton
24 Oct 18
The Forgotten Half – the changing role of women
Location: London
8 Nov 18
Legally and mentally healthy?
Location: London

Key resources

iServe cover
An introduction to exploring longer-term opportunities in global mission
Providing resources and networking opportunities for trustees
For churches and agencies facilitating short-term mission trips in the UK and worldwide
Pension and retirement planning schemes provided via Prosperitas
Guidelines for churches interested in forming cross-cultural partnerships
Serve Short-Term 2018
A directory of short-term service opportunities around the world
Find the advantages that membership provides.
Important changes to be aware of affecting missionaries visiting the UK