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Contract changes affecting ‘Access ThankQ CRM’ users

One of our network members recently informed us that agencies using older versions of the Access ThankQ CRM system could be facing price hikes and an uncertain future.

This will particularly impact you if you’re using an older desktop version of Access ThankQ CRM; if you are, we advise that you carefully read any future correspondence from Access about your maintenance contract and question any proposed price increases.

Below are some important things to be aware of:

  • Access has indicated that there will be a 6% increase on the cost of maintenance contracts for older versions of ThankQ (including version 8)
  • Any suggestion that states that you’ll only incur a 6% increase when upgrading to ThankQ version 10 neglects to include the additional payment of £1,440 per year (including VAT) that many version 10 users also pay for data hosting; this figure may not have been included in the total proposed maintenance charge on version 10
  • Access appears to be contacting existing customers about their maintenance contract only two months before the contract end date; this is less than the 90-day notice period required for existing customers to exit their contract and provides very little time to shop around for an alternative CRM
  • Access does not offer refunds for exiting the contract mid-term
  • Access says that it’s possible that in the next year or two they may withdraw support for older, non-cloud based versions of ThankQ

Support from the network

If this impacts you, or if you have any relevant information, experience or learning you can share with others in the network, we would really like to hear from you. Maybe you would like to meet up with other members of the network and hear from those with valuable knowledge and experience on CRM reviews and migrations? If so, please contact