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How we are run

Global Connections is the operating name of the Evangelical Mission Association (EMA). We are registered in England as Charity number 1081966; and as a Company Limited by Guarantee having no share capital with company number 3886596. We are governed by our Articles of Association.

We are a membership organisation and network membership is open to charities registered or operating in the UK who subscribe to our statement of faith and principles of partnership. Network members include mission agencies, and churches as well as other ancillary organisations. Our total membership figure currently exceeds 350. Please click here for further information about becoming a member. We also have an network associate status for non-charities and individuals who are committed to the principles of the network. 

Global Connections has a wide variety of forums and sub-networks. These are all run by network members, with the support of GC staff. Consequently what the network discusses is greatly influenced by its network members. Indeed the network is member led and much is done in consultation with our Council which is made up of representatives from network members. Council members are nominated by network members and are selected to ensure there is good representation across the network.

The voting members of the charity is the Council who appoint our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets four times a year. Our Chief Operating Officer, Andy Law, serves as the Company Secretary.

Our accounts are examined annually by an Independent Examiner, Paul Holland of Hampton Holland Associates Ltd. The latest version of our annual report and financial statements can be downloaded from the link below.

In 2010 Christian Vocations merged with Global Connections and is now a ministry run under the network's umbrella. The name Christian Vocations has been retained as a trading name for all matters to do with jobs, mission opportunities and vocation advice.