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Council and Board


Chair: Andy Dipper (All Nations Christian College)

Vice Chair: Alan Tower (Friends International)

Treasurer: Deborah Kong (AIM Europe)


The officers above plus

Gary Sloan  (OM/Rising Brooke Church)

Peter Rowan (OMF)

Ruth Whitaker (MAF UK)

Jenny Brown (Friends International)

Caroline Millar (London City Mission


Honorary President: Stanley Davies


The constitution provides for the network to appoint a Council. As far as possible, the Council is representative of the breadth of the network. Its role is to discuss key developments in the network and to provide a forum to consider the network's role. The Council consists of 30 to 40 people appointed from the network members at the AGM.

The current Council is listed below:

Abi Willetts (Ichthus Christian Fellowship)

Andrew Hill (SASRA)

Brian Wakelin (Christ Church Winchester)

Cindy Crossley (Langham Partnership)

Claire Franks (St Barnabas Church)

Connie Yu (COCM)

Dan Yarnell (Fellowship of Churches of Christ)

David Baldwin (SIM seconded to Oak Hill)

David Cook (CEF, Britain)

Edward Issitt (YourMission)

Evan Winter (Transform Europe Network)

Girma Bishaw (Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church)

Gordon Darragh (Windsor Baptist Church)

Gordon Scoble (All Saints, Lindfield)

Harvey Kwiyani (Missio Africanus)

Henry Lu (COCM)

Iván Neira (Friends International)

James Poole (Wycliffe)

John McLernon (Crosslinks)

Jonathan Halsey (Capernwray College)

Kevin Wren (Interserve)

Lesley Cheesman (Agapé)

Louisa Evans (All Nations)

Mark Pickett (UFM Worldwide)

Mark Handley (OM)

Michael Prest (UFM)

Natasha Rayan (All Souls)

Paul Bailie (Mission Africa)

Paul Cooke (France Mission Trust)

Peter Brierley (Brierley Consultancy)

Peter Oyugi (Africa Services International)

Ray Porter 

Robert Scott (St. Helen's Bishopsgate)

Roger Purdom (OC International)

Siew H Ong (CCIL)

Steve Smith (SIM)

Tony Uddin (AoG Mission)