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Inspiring mission videos

This is Our Story: The Philippines
A small group of churches in the Philippines is determined to be part of the Great Commission; whatever it takes - 5mins 45secs
This is Our Story: El Salvador
Members of a church in El Salvador share how the church has become practically involved in mission - 5mins 28secs
Unapproachable, untouched, untouchable, disconnected. These are all words and descriptions given for yet another word: Unreached - 5mins 22secs
A series of short videos to help pray for different countries around the world
This is Our Story: Slovakia to Thailand
The story of Eva, a Slovakian missionary to Thailand, where she helps to support Bible translation work - 5mins 32secs

Recent articles

Hon Khoi salt fields in Vietnam - Photo by Quangpraha
As you read the opportunities in this publication, you may well be asking yourself, “Will it be worth it?” But let’s ask the question from another angle. Let’s start with the cross of Christ and ask of that, what is that worth?
A Wind in the House of Islam
This book explores the stories of more than 1,000 Muslim-background followers of Jesus Christ. Join Dr. Garrison in this amazing journey of discovery, tracing the work of the Holy Spirit as it blows through the House of Islam.
A Wind in the House of Islam
A Review Article of A Wind in the House of Islam: How God is Drawing Muslims around the World to Faith in Jesus Christ, by David Garrison
Kyoto, Japan - Photo by Cooper Smith
It’s not an uncommon perception that missionaries no longer need to be sent from here (the United Kingdom) to there (the rest of the world). Eddie Arthur explores some of the questions and myths that surround this perception.
The NEW annual Hindu World Prayer Focus is calling Christians and churches worldwide to take 15 days to learn about and pray for our world’s over one billion Hindu friends.

Latest prayer points

Christian radio station assists after earthquake: Following the 7.5 magnitude quake that struck just off the central island of Sulawesi in September, a local Christian radio station in Palu has been providing essential on-air information to the community and emergency relief supplies to those affected. Initially the station was full of mud and water, but thankfully the radio tower was still standing. Pray for this devastated community as they rebuild their lives and their homes, and that Christ’s love and compassion will be seen through this local ministry.
Urban migration affecting rural churches: China’s urban migration is drawing away young people from the villages for higher paid jobs and big city lifestyles. Men frequently leave their wife and children behind while they travel to work. If both parents work away, the children may be left with their grandparents. Rural churches cannot hold onto their leadership and staff, losing them to the urban migration. They continue to hold services and Bible studies but other activities are limited by their diminishing congregations. The unregistered (underground) churches are facing digital surveillance and they are systematically being shut down. Pray that the rural believers can share the gospel despite the challenges they are facing. Thank God that in the past the church grew despite times of persecution. Praise him that he can “use the weak to confound the wise”. Pray that signs and wonders will follow as the rural believers share the gospel.
Christian response to natural disasters: Japan is prone to earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, landslides and volcanic eruptions, all of which have taken lives. Despite being well prepared for the majority of the 1,500 earthquakes which strike each year, serious incidents such as the 2011 Tohoku disaster and the recent landslides in Hiroshima can still cause devastation. Praise the Lord for Christian charities and churches, many of which have responded rapidly and effectively to the material and spiritual needs which arise from each of these events. Pray that all Christians in Japan will show Christlike love in times of need and have wisdom in knowing how best to provide support. Pray that this will lead the Japanese to Christ and that, through a relationship with him, they will find peace despite the trauma of natural disasters.
Possible sanctions from the EU: The country of Cambodia is facing a deepening problem with possible sanctions from the EU. It was announced recently that the EU would take action if the government did not move to towards political reform. Cambodia has many poor people that depend on the garment industry to provide for their families, this could be the sector that is hardest hit. Please pray for the Cambodian Government, that the wisdom of the Lord would be evident and that change would come so that people in Cambodia will not have to suffer again.