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A selection of short videos to help pray for different countries around the world
Tears of the Saints
Promoting mission to unreached people around the world, with a particular focus on Asia - 6mins 33secs
This is Our Story: El Salvador
Members of a church in El Salvador share how the church has become practically involved in mission - 5mins 28secs
Dried Up, Drowned out
Looking at the impact of changing climate on the lives of people in East Africa - 5mins 30secs
North Korean testimony
An 18 year old Christian from North Korea sharing her testimony at the Lausanne Congress at Cape Town in 2010 - 8mins 41secs

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Helpful information mission agencies need to know about coronavirus
Hon Khoi salt fields in Vietnam - Photo by Quangpraha
As you read the opportunities in this publication, you may well be asking yourself, “Will it be worth it?” But let’s ask the question from another angle. Let’s start with the cross of Christ and ask of that, what is that worth?
Kyoto, Japan - Photo by Cooper Smith
It’s not an uncommon perception that missionaries no longer need to be sent from here (the United Kingdom) to there (the rest of the world). Eddie Arthur explores some of the questions and myths that surround this perception.

Latest prayer points

September - October 2021 World Prayer News - 23 - Southern Asia - IFES
September - October 2021 World Prayer News - 23 - Southern Asia - IFES: Give thanks for God’s provision of laptops for IFES national movement staff to stay in touch with students not just during lockdown, but also where students live in cities without staff. Being able to stay in touch online can be hugely important for Christian students in places where they are often alone, and allows them to access training opportunities run by their IFES national movements or the IFES South Asia team. (IFES - September 2021)
Central African Republic
September - October 2021 World Prayer News - 22 - Africa - Al Massira: Please pray for a ‘sensitive country’ in Africa, following the release from prison of new followers of Jesus who had partaken in an Al Massira Journey – coming to Christ a short while after because of the kindness of God. Pray for our dear brothers and sisters standing ‘firm in the faith’ and for the wide-spread use of the Gospel, that it may turn this nation upside down as God continues to build, strengthen, and unite His people. Pray God’s justice and peace to reign in this country. Pray for mature, spirit-led believers to proclaim the Gospel fearlessly – for God’s glory.   (Al Massira International - September 2021)
September - October 2021 World Prayer News - 21. India – UESI - IFES: UESI India in Sikkim state shared this encouraging story: “Thank God for the evangelistic retreat held on the 13th & 14th June. Seven accepted the Lord, ten rededicated their lives, five friends from other faith attended the program.” Please pray for the follow up discipleship activities with these students, and for the regular online fellowship groups for students and graduates. (IFES - September 2021)
September - October 2021 World Prayer News - 19. Bangladesh - IFES - BSFB: BSFB Bangladesh praise God for 38 Zoom Fellowship meetings each Friday this year. Online meetings have also allowed graduates in remote areas to join, like Rita in Bandarban who shared: “I have been receiving opportunity to get blessings and a lot of joyful fellowship. Truly, I get a lot of lessons and encouragement from every Friday Zoom fellowship. I even can share my challenge, sorrow and prayer points here.” Pray for these groups to continue to bless and encourage. (IFES - September 2021)