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Loving Spain... showing love

A group of 12 from Above Bar Church in Southampton visited Spain to work alongside other short-termers supporting a European Christian Mission church plant. The following are excerpts from their blog.

Day 5: "I’ve been part of Kids’ Club team this week and having lots of fun. It’s been cool to build relationships with the kids so far and to see them enjoying all the activities. Today we were teaching the children colours and making rainbows. We then moved on to do some outreach in the park. I think we made quite an impression with our red Hay Solución (There is a Solution) T-shirts on. We played lots of games with the children and some of us were able to start conversations. One way we did this was by helping them make bracelets with four parts which altogether explain the gospel very simply: a heart which symbolises God’s love for us, an X shows that we sinned and fell short of his perfect standards, a cross signifies Jesus dying to take our punishment and a cube with a question mark on represents the decision that each of us has to make – to accept His forgiveness or not. It was an exciting evening but it left me quite tired so it was a relief to get to bed."

Day 6: "There was another encouraging children’s club in the morning, and this one, to me, felt like the best yet. Our topic was weather, involving Ben getting ‘snowed on’ with flour in the teaching session and having a great water fight at the end, which the children loved! All the children appeared to be having such a great time, getting involved in all the activities and having such a laugh with one another and the leaders. It was also a great sign to see that some of the children were wearing the bracelets they had made the night before. We were praying afterwards that they’d keep wearing these bracelets and thinking about what they mean, and that they’d be telling all their friends about them."