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Are there Hindus in your area?  How can you and your church relate to them when they seem to have so many different beliefs?  Do you have any idea what they believe?  How would you get to know them and share your Christian faith with them?

Some 835,394 people in Great Britain self-identified as Hindus in the last Census in 2011, compared with 558,810 in 2001.   Some will have simply come from overseas to study in the UK before returning to their homeland but many have made their home here, perhaps for two, three or even four generations.  With such a complex religion and many differing beliefs, how can Christians begin to understand the lives and traditions of Hindus, let alone deeply held beliefs?

A very brief précis of Hindu beliefs may be found on the BBC Schools website but for a little more detail, see Hugh Kemp’s ‘The One-stop Guide to World Religions,’ published by Lion – details within our main resources list below.

Agencies and churches working amongst Hindus in the UK, include:

Friends International, South Asian ConcernNaujavan

If you would like to consider how your church could get involved, do contact these agencies or Global Connections and we will find someone who can help.

To see a list of resources to help you to relate to people influenced by Hinduism, click on the pdf below.  If you know of other helpful resources, we would always be pleased to hear from you.

A resource list compiled by the Faith to Faith forum of Global Connections, July 2018.
A resource list compiled by the Faith to Faith forum of Global Connections, July 2018.
Course from South Asian Forum of the EA: answering questions about Christian faith.
A paper presented at the Global Connections Conference, July 2002