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Christian literature resources

The experience of churches in the UK already working with the Polish community is that the majority of Poles prefer to read Bibles and other Christian literature in Polish.

There are a number of UK sources for Christian literature in Polish. Contact us if you have found any other sources or titles – we want to share information on what is available.

  • A popular Bible translation, 'The Warsaw version', is available from No Frontiers Ltd.

  • Kitab Books have a range of Old and New Testaments.

  • Alpha course materials and related publications are available in Polish.

  • Realna Nadzieja or Real Hope is a Polish Evangelical movement. Its people have a heart for Polish people and Polish Christians in Poland and the UK. The website gives Polish people the chance to get connected wherever they are in Poland and the UK. A magazine containing the stories of ordinary Polish people encountering an extraordinary God together with the Gospel of John, in Polish, are a great way to show Polish neighbours, and work colleagues that you care. Polish people love to receive gifts from English people, especially when it is reading material in their language. Copies can be obtained from the ECM office in Northampton. Email: