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Climate Change & Christianity: Prayer, Action & Equipping

Climate change is considered by many to be the greatest global emergency of our time. What should or could our response be as Christians? As we love our neighbour and steward our lives, how do we see God’s commission extend to caring for creation and the world at large?

While officials from every country gather for the COP26 climate change conference and discuss deforestation, decarbonisation, extreme weather and more, it can seem overwhelming to know where, as individuals and Christ-followers, to begin. We have put together some resources from our members to help you consider and explore how you might like to take action, from praying into these issues to learning practically how to care for creation and communicate the gospel in light of this global issue.


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Tearfund: Praying for & responding to COP26

Climate Stewards: How to practically take action in caring for creation

Evangelical Alliance: Booklet with further information on what the Bible has to say & how churches can be equipped to respond to climate change. 

OMF: Resources with information on the 'why' and importance of caring for creation.

A Rocha UK: News & resources & practical advice.

BMS World Mission: Prayers in light of the climate change emergency. 

All Nations: Blog responding to COP26 & reflecting on 'our last chance' to change from climate emergency. 

All Nations: Blog on peace in light of politics and climate change. 

All Nations:  Video exploring 'is creation care an integral part of God's mission?'

All Nations: Video reflecting on mission, prayer & creation care around the COP26 Summit. 

Changing the Climate - Applying the Bible in a Climate Emergency: Book by Debbie Lovell-Hawker & David & Jamie Hawker

The Leprosy Mission - Article looking to bridge the divide between health, social development and environmental interventions


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