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Good news stories

Three Baptist churches in Herefordshire are working together in trying to support the large numbers of eastern European and predominantly Polish workers in their area

There are up to 25,000 seasonal and permanent workers in the area, and the churches projectMission to Migrant and Seasonal Workers(MMSW) is in part lead by Ania Tałałaj, a Polish Christian with a heart for Polish people in the UK.

Ania has worked on this project since March 2009 and has working relationships with four of the biggest farms, one employing around 900 Polish workers.

Some of the issues she has identified are:

  • Language and the need for accessible English language training

  • Isolation – this includes Polish Christians like Ania, with limited opportunities to meet with other Polish Christians

  • Demand for help in completing UK documents such as vehicle insurance.

  • Abuse of alcohol amongst some of the workers

Ania’s work is all about building relationships, showing God’s love in real and practical ways. Ania says, “I have become a friend of a Polish welfare worker on one of the farms. She was desperate to visit family back in Poland but when she asked for some time off work, she was refused. She was so disappointed so I said, “let’s pray about it” which we had not done together before. We did, and when I saw her the following week she could not wait to tell me that she had been given the time off."

"Then there is the guy on another farm who has been here since March. I got chatting to him over time. He is 40 years old and just a few days ago accepted a Bible from me. There is a real openness to hearing about the gospel, but it all takes time.”