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How do I raise support?

Raising financial support for world mission can be one of the most positive and faith-building aspects of someone’s ministry. However it is also hard work and, for some, can be daunting and might even put them off considering mission overseas. But it doesn’t need to. Support-raising is about a lot more than money; it's about building a team around you who bring their financial support, prayers and encouragement. They, together with you, will enable someone somewhere to experience God’s love through your ministry. You just need the tools for the job of building the team. 

Pursuing God’s calling requires faith for a support base. And a strong support base needs a solid grounding - both in the biblical principles that underpin it and the practical steps that make it a reality.  

Each ministry has its own unique challenges and each individual's requirements will be different. Your mission agency and your church may have lots of helpful advice in this area. In addition Stewardship runs two helpful training seminars as part of their commitment to resourcing Christian Mission: Finance for Ministry: essential tools for Christian Workers explores key areas such as accountability, responsibilities in terms of tax and National Insurance, budgeting and long-term saving. Support Raising for Ministry: Funding the Family Business takes a closer look at the practicalities of support-raising while setting it within the context of the rich, biblical model, and tackles some of the 'heart problems' that can inhibit ministries from reaching their full potential. Using the Funding the Family Business workbook as its basis, the training picks out the key steps towards increasing and maintaining a strong support base.

Stewardship also offers a whole library of information on issues specific to Christian Workers in their Finance for Living series. And there is a budgeting tool for Christian workers to help you construct a budget that makes the most of the ministry God has called you to; email to find out how to get hold of a copy. 

If you have any questions on the content of the training or simply want to find out more about Stewardship’s resources, email Fiona or telephone 020 8502 8585.

With thanks to Stewardship and Myles Wilson at Funding the Family Business

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