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Short-term mission opportunities

We know of a number of churches in the UK who have invited Polish Christian workers to the UK, but we do not believe a one way flow of committed staff is beneficial in the longer term. We are keen to develop relationships in Poland and to help churches or individuals from the UK who have a passion for mission to fulfil that passion in Poland.

Two exciting events need volunteers to make them happen:

Slot is an Arts Festival run by Christians in Poland, attended by people from around the world. Have a look at for more information.

Real Action, supported by Realna Nadzieja (in Polish), are projects run by Christians in local communities in Poland.Realna Nadzieja has worked with local churches and people over the last couple of years, simply showing the love of Jesus in action.

In August 2010, Realna Nadzieja’s Real Action project partnered with four evangelical churches in Lodz, Poland's 3rd largest city.

Over 200 volunteers from Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, USA and the UK turned up for a week of sharing the love of Jesus in the local community. Over 20 projects were undertaken working with the local authorities. These included:

  • Cleaning and decorating apartment
  • Cleaning and decorating Children’s homes
  • Helping patients from a local hospital
  • Building an Indian village in a central park of the city as part of the week long children’s programme.

In all, the city received over 6,000 hours of free labour, with an even bigger impact on the lives of some of those helped.

An example of a project was that of the mother and daughter living in an apartment badly in need of decorating. The mother was disabled and had not been out of the apartment for years because of a broken wheelchair. One of the volunteers was able to fix this on the first day - and mother and daughter were able to visit the shopping centre across the road for the first time.

Each day began with Bible-based teaching, and ended with worship lead by Polish, Ukrainian, and American musicians who were outstanding. The worship and teaching helped to energise and build up the gathering of God’s people from many countries. Language was no barrier as people got together to worship God in Polish and English.

The week culminated with a worship service/concert in the main Piotrkowska Street.