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There are so many job opportunities, how can I find the one that’s right for me?

At a first glance through this website, the choice can seem a bit bewildering. There are so many great options to choose from in world mission, and this is representative of the diversity of needs that exist in today's world!

But there are a number of ways you can narrow your search which can help - this website allows you to search for opportunities based on a range of criteria. Perhaps you could start with searching for an activity you know you can do, or would potentially enjoy? You’re more likely to be effective doing something you have some experience in or that you enjoy doing. Maybe location is more important to you? The choices range from Bangladesh to Bolivia, Czech Republic to Cote D’Ivoire! (Although if it's just a great location you're looking for, you might be better to try your local travel agency than your local mission agency!) But it might be worth picking out three or four countries (or regions) that perhaps you already have some kind of connection with and start there. Or perhaps you are looking for what a particular organisation that you already have links with has to offer? Use our search options to refine your search based on for any or all of the above.

Once you’ve started to narrow down the options, read the stories of those who have done this before you, browse the organisation websites, send an email, make a phone call, and ask lots of questions - doing this will help you get a feel for what will be possible for you. Investigate it thoroughly. Think about how you are already serving in your local church - when you apply to a mission agency, they will ask what involvement you’ve had locally. This is important, because it’s difficult to see why you should want to serve God and share your faith in some overseas location if you haven’t first been doing it at home. And where is there most need?  Think and pray about your involvement in those areas and places where people are most unreached. Be prepared to be challenged or re-directed. Perhaps there is more need for you in places or projects which you haven’t yet considered.

Be aware that it might not be possible for a mission agency to provide you with an exact job description and job roles may change along your recruitment journey. The nature of cross-cultural mission can often be a fluid one – a long term flexible perspective is necessary.

And try to let go of the idea that there is one thing that’s ‘just right for you’ - there probably isn’t! 

Most importantly, pray and talk with your church leaders and those who know you well right from the start, and look for an opportunity with the attitude that it’s a chance for you to find an opportunity to serve God and his church throughout the world, rather than focussing solely on what you initially think is best for you – you might be amazed at how God could use you. 

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