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What are mission agencies looking for?

Most UK-based mission agencies would expect the following from those who express an interest in being involved in world mission:

  • To have a personal faith in Jesus Christ, and be a committed, assured and growing Christian
  • To have a working knowledge of the Bible and a desire to live a holy life
  • To be active in a local church in the UK and have the support of your local church
  • To have a desire to share your faith in word and action to enable people to know the love of Christ
  • To be servant hearted, willing to learn, and prepared to work under local leadership and alongside overseas partners
  • To be willing to interact positively with culturally diverse co-workers
  • To be prepared to live simply and have the ability to adapt to changing situations
  • To be willing to learn another language if necessary, and be prepared to learn how to live in a different culture
  • To have the appropriate education, or willingness to train for your assignment
  • To fulfil the visa requirements for the country you hope to travel to in terms of qualifications, skills, age etc.  
  • To have good general health and emotional stability
  • To be flexible in using some of the more transferrable skills from your profession as well as life skills and experience
  • To be aware that it might be a long process
  • To plan to bring your spouse and children with you (if married)

Based on: Basic Qualifications for Service OMS, and BMS Long-term mission service FAQ

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