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Leaving us a gift in your will

Thank you so much for considering leaving us a gift in your will. Global Connections is the UK network for world mission, comrprising over 300 UK churches and agencies working in cross-cultural mission in the UK and overseas. Your gift would make a significant difference no matter how large or small. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or you may find some answers below.

Should I tell you about my gift?
We’d love to know to help us plan for the future and to be able thank you properly.  Please do contact Andy Law, Chief Operating Officer at alaw@globalconnections.org.uk or 01926 487755. Any information given will be kept in the strictest confidence.

What should I leave in my will?
Once you've taken care of family and loved ones, it would be wonderful if you would consider a gift to Global Connections. Your gift may take the form of a ‘residuary’, ‘pecuniary’ or ‘specific legacy’. To most of us this means:

  • The whole or a percentage of the 'residue' of an estate (whatever is left after all other gifts have been made and any debts settled).
  • A fixed sum of money left in your will is known as a 'pecuniary' gift.
  • 'Specific' gifts are items such a house to be sold, stocks or shares.

Your gift can also be left to Global Connections as a ‘reversionary’ gift; that is, a gift which goes to family or friends first during their lifetime, with the whole or a percentage reverting to us on their death.

What information do I need to update or change my will?
The minimum amount of information your solicitor will need is our name (Our legal name is actually the Evangelical Mission Association - Global Connections is our trading name) and our address (Caswell Rd Leamington Spa CV31 1QD). It will also be worth having an idea of what type of gift you want to leave.

How do I word my will?
Here is some example wording you could use to leave a gift in your will to Global Connections. It may be worth printing this off and taking it with you when you visit your solicitor. Specify your particular wishes by deleting as appropriate.

‘I give XX percent of the remainder of my estate or £ (cash amount) or my property of (give address) to the Evangelical Mission Association (Global Connections) of Caswell Rd, Leamington Spa CV31 1QD for its charitable purposes. I further direct that the receipt of the Business Manager or other proper officer of Global Connections shall be a full and proper discharge for the said legacy.’

Can you recommend a solicitor to write my will?
If you need help to find a local solicitor, we suggest contacting the Law Society on 020 7242 1222. Alternatively you can contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau. We cannot recommend a particular solicitor and we currently do not provide a will writing service.

I already have a will – do I have to re-write it if I want to include a gift?
Not necessarily. If you already have a will and want to make small changes it is possible to do so by adding a codicil, or supplement to your will. Download a codicil, fill this in as instructed and return it to your solicitor or whoever is looking after your will. Alternatively, you could write a letter to your solicitor stating your wishes. We recommend you consult your solicitor before making any substantial changes to your will.

Would it help you to know about my gift?
Yes. We’d love to know to help us plan for the future and to be able thank you properly.  Please do email dwright@globalconnections or call on 01926 487755. 

I plan to live to 100! Will my gift still be needed then?
Yes. The Bible says that we will always have the poor with us (Matthew 26:11) and commands us to proclaim the good news of the gospel until our Lord comes again (Matthew 28:16-20).

I would like to talk to someone about my intended gift
Please feel free to contact Andy Law, Chief Operating Officer, at alaw@globalconnections.org.uk or 01926 487755 to ask any questions you may have.