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25 Jun 19
Mission Educators Forum (A 24-hour event)
The Holy Spirit and Mission
Location: Birmingham
29 Jul 19
TCK Holiday - rekonnect for kids (5 days)
Holiday for TCKs aged 6-12 years
Location: Edale, Derbyshire
4 Aug 19
TCK Holiday - rekonnect for teens (6 days)
Action Holiday for TCKs aged 13-18 years
Location: Edale, Derbyshire
6 Sep 19
The State of Diaspora Mission in the UK (A 24-hour event)
The State of Diaspora Mission in the UK
Location: Ware
25 Sep 19
Integral Mission Forum
Mental Health
Location: London
8 Oct 19
Member Care Forum
Member Care Matters - Learning Together
Location: London
15 Oct 19
Short-Term Mission Forum (A 24-hour event)
Dealing with Difference
Location: Birmingham
30 Oct 19
The Future of Mission (A 24 hour event)
The future of mission
Location: Hertfordshire
12 Nov 19
TCK Forum
Location: London
19 Nov 19
International HR Forum
Crisis Management
Location: London
12 May 20
GC Conference 2020
Location: Yarnfield