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Protest and Mission

Over recent weeks and months our screens have been filled with images of protest. The most visible forms of these have been marches and demonstrations - around issues and utilising methods that we may or may not agree with. Most recently we have witnessed the storming of Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Here in the UK we have had the Black Lives Matter movement and Extinction Rebellion. Further afield we have seen the long running street protests in Hong Kong, and the Arab Spring movements.  Historically we are aware of the Civil Rights movement in the US, and the civil disobedience campaigns led by Gandhi against the British in India, both extremely costly but very significant in bringing about radical social and political change.

Our aim in this event is to explore the role of protest in God’s mission.

  • What role, if any, should protest play in our lives as individual Christians and corporately as the church?
  • How do we interpret the injunction in Romans 13 to submit to governing authorities?
  • If we do engage in protest are there boundaries that should not be crossed and if so what are they?

The event will provide space for a discussion and exploration of these and related issues. We recognise the contentious nature of this topic and hope that the event will attract both those currently involved and supportive of the role of protest in mission, and those who have concerns and reservations - both practically and theologically. Through the event participants will deepen their understanding of the role of protest both theologically and in practice, and have the opportunity for stimulating engagement and discussion with other participants with a range of views. In addition to our Global Connections members, we would particularly encourage church leaders and our up and coming leaders to engage in this event.

Our hope is that this event will stimulate reflection and discussion on this important and often controversial topic, and our prayer is that as individuals, organisations and as the church we will be better able to seek and discern Gods calling to us in situations of injustice and oppression.

To explore these questions, we have a range of experienced contributors including Chris Wright (International Ministry Director at Langham Partnership), Natalie Collins (author, activist, and international speaker and trainer on issues of violence against women and wider gender injustices), Joel Edwards (consultant, international speaker, advocate and minister) and Sheryl Haw


Important information:
We have compiled a video of the speakers contributions which can be accessed here: Please watch the video before the event so that we can come well prepared for a discussion on this topic, and to explore the issues raised by our contributors. Mark Galpin and Sheryl Haw will facilitate our discussion during the event itself.


The event will start at 2:00pm (waiting room open from 1:45pm) and we will finish at 4:00pm.

The cost is £10 to people from GC member agencies and churches, and for students. Cost for non-members is £30. If you are not sure if your church or organisation is a member of GC, please check with them to confirm or see if they feature on our List of Members page. 

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