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Member Care Forum (A 24-hour event)

A 24-hour retreat offering refreshment, spiritual input and encouragement

Led and facilitiated by Tony Horsfall and Debbie Hawker, the retreat will be based around their new book, Resilience in life and faith: Finding your strength in God, which includes both Biblical teaching and psychological research.

During our time together we will learn how to enhance our own resilience, and discover ways to help those we support to become more resilient. We will do this through discussion about the spiritual, physical, emotional, cognitive, creative, social and environmental aspects of resilience, and through looking at resilient people in the Bible.

The programme will begin with lunch on Tuesday 26 March, and run through to just after lunch on Wednesday 27 March. As well as teaching sessions, there will be time for personal reflection, resting, networking and enjoying the wonderful food and facilities offered at Yarnfield Park. There will also be a launch of the new book.

The cost is £115 to people from GC member agencies and churches. Cost for non GC members is £145. Refreshments and lunch are included in the price. To book please fill in the form below. 


Cancellation Policy: The majority of the cost of a residential event is the accommodation charge which we have to pay to the conference centre well in advance of the event. Therefore, although we will aim to be as generous as possible with our refunds, they will normally only consist of a small proportion of the amount paid and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more details, contact Nicoleta Mezei