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Mission Educators Forum (2 days)

Gender and Mission Education

The Mission Educators Forum provides a unique opportunity to explore issues affecting educators and to learn from each other. It aims to provide mutual encouragement and stimulation to mission educators, as well as providing access to ongoing resources and networking opportunities for those involved.

This year’s consultation theme is ‘Gender and Mission Education’. We will be exploring together how we equip people for mission in a way that helps them to understand and work through an increasing and complex array of Gender-related issues. The programme for the two day event is as follows:

Thursday, 7 June:

Session 1: Accidentally or on Purpose? A look at the missing women in Biblical Interpretation (Mary Evans)

Session 2: Engaging Complex Masculinities in East Asia (Paul Woods)

Session 3: Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women (Elaine Storkey)

Friday, 8 June

Session 4: The role of Mission Education in Understanding and Overcoming Gender-based Violence (Elaine Storkey)

Session 5: Gender and Mission Education: a case study (Rosie Button and Colin Edwards)

This event is by invitation only for mission educators from training colleges or with training responsibility in an mission agency. The cost is £100 for people from Global Connections members. The programme, including meals and accommodation, will start at 12.00 with lunch on Thursday 7th June, and finish after lunch the following day. If you are a non-member (price for non-members is £120), please contact Nicoleta Mezei for availability as there are a limited number of places. Accommodation and food are part of the cost. Lunch is provided at the beginning of the event and at the end. Accommodation will be in single rooms unless otherwise requested.

Cancellation Policy: The majority of the cost of a residential event is the accommodation charge which we have to pay to the conference centre well in advance of the event. Therefore, although we will aim to be as generous as possible with our refunds, they will normally only consist of a small proportion of the amount paid and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more details, contact Nicoleta Mezei