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Eating your Way into the Kingdom – radical hospitality in Muslim contexts

The New Testament shows Jesus eating with people in a diverse range of settings. Not everyone approved. What is the role of hospitality and eating with others in our engagement with Muslims? In contexts abroad where hospitality is a feature of the culture, what makes us distinctively Christ-like? In ethnic communities across the UK, how is hospitality practised and experienced? Hence, how does one engage effectively?

For those who choose to follow Jesus, what hospitality are they expecting from their brothers and sisters in Christ? How is ‘Christian family’ understood?

Our considerations will be led by people involved in SE Asia and amongst Muslim communities in the UK.


The Global Connections Muslim World Forum continues to examine issues which are relevant to the work and activities of agencies and churches engaging with Muslims around the world and locally.

The day will include speakers, discussion, and time for prayer and networking.


The meeting starts with refreshments (tea and coffee) at 11:30am and finishes at 4:00pm.

The cost is £20 to people from GC member agencies and churches, or £50 for non GC members - payment is to be made in advance to secure your booking. Drinks are included in the price but please bring your own lunch.






Cancellation Policy: 50% of the booking charge will be refunded if cancellation is made at least one month prior to the event. For cancellations made less than one month prior to the event, we regret that a refund will not be possible.

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