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Raising children in restricted societies

TCKs live among many different cultures and societies. For TCKs from the UK and other western families that can mean growing up in a restrictive society. These societies vary hugely from those with conservative values and moderate limitations through to others that are heavily restrictive and segregated.

Our childhood experiences help shape us for the rest of our lives, and so we will be considering the ways in which these societies affect our TCKs growing up there. We will also focus on strategies that families have adopted as they have tried to ensure the best experiences and outcomes for their children.

This day event will seek to cover, amongst other things:

  • How does growing up in a restricted society affect our TCKs – both positively and negatively?
  • What particular issues do teenagers (and their parents) face?
  • How do we address the different issues affecting boys and girls?
  • What can we learn from how agencies have supported their families in restricted societies?
  • How can we help TCKs from restricted societies reintegrate back into life in the UK when the time comes?

Different presenters will speak from their own experiences in a number of countries with varying levels of cultural conservatism. Our speakers for the day have experience of living in Central Asia and the Middle East and have teenage children of their own.

The cost is £20 to people from GC member agencies and churches. Cost for non GC members is £50. Refreshments and lunch are included in the price. Tea and coffee will be available from 10:15am.

Please note: if you are a TCK parent/grandparent/extended family member, or church member caring for TCKs/families overseas - and your church is not a member of GC - please choose the £20 member rate and add an explanatory note in the ‘dietary or access requirements’ box below.

Cancellation Policy: 50% of the booking charge will be refunded if cancellation is made at least one month prior to the event. For cancellations of less than one month we would not normally expect a refund to be made.

For more details, contact Nicoleta Mezei