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The Future of Mission Symposium (A 24-hour event)

The Future of Mission Symposium is aimed at leaders and strategic planning teams from global mission organisations which are in the process of re-evaluating and re-imagining their understanding and approach to mission. The Symposium provides a space to network and develop their response together.

At this first symposium we will hear how majority world missiologists understand the crucial issues in mission today, how they view the Western mission model, and the lessons we can learn from non-Western mission movements.

The symposium is designed to be a learning community, and we will devote the majority of the time for group reflection and response, both within organisational teams and across agency boundaries. We have also invited participants from mission-minded churches and specialists in organisational development to bring their perspectives to our discussions.

At the end of the symposium, agency teams will be encouraged to present the next steps for their organisations as they continue to engage with the issues raised. We hope that the February symposium will be the beginning of a journey together. We are planning a follow-up symposium in September 2019 to track progress, update one another on new developments, share best practices, and set new goals. In between the two meetings, we will be offering online check-in sessions for those organisations who desire this level of accountability.

The conference will run from 09:00 on Monday 18 February to 15:30 on Tuesday 19 February. The cost will be £70 with accommodation and meals included.

This event is by invitation only  for senior leadership of mission agencies. Please contact Nicoleta Mezei for availability as there are a limited number of places.

Organised and planned in conjuction with BMS World Mission and WEC. 

Payment for this event must be made in advance. When you submit your booking you will be taken to our secure card payment page. If you are unable to use this facility please close the payment page and telephone the Global Connections office on 01926 487755 for further instructions, or email us using the contact details below.

Cancellation Policy: The majority of the cost of a residential event is the accommodation charge which we have to pay to the conference centre well in advance of the event. Therefore, although we will aim to be as generous as possible with our refunds, they will normally only consist of a small proportion of the amount paid and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more details, contact Nicoleta Mezei