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Thinking Mission Symposium

Transcending Mission: Is “Mission” Past it’s Sell By Date?


Churches and agencies are all about mission; whether this is reaching out to the people around the corner or evangelising unreached people groups at the ends of the earth, mission is important to us.

So what are we to make of Michael Stroope’s claim that the term ‘mission’ is a relatively modern invention which actually distorts our understanding of the Bible and the early church? The language we use shapes the way we act and think and if Stroope is right, there is no more important question facing agencies and their leadership today.

This seminar will discuss Michael Stroope’s book Transcending Mission: The Eclipse of a Modern Tradition with contributions from the author, David Smith (currently Honorary Lecturer in the School of Divinity, Philosophy and History at the University of Aberdeen and author of several books including Mission After Christendom and Liberating the Gospel) among others.

This is sure to be a challenging and thought provoking day. Those registering for the seminar will be able to buy copies of the book at a reduced rate so that they can read it in advance - we will email promotion details shortly. There will also be an IVP book table available.


Michael Stroope will introduce the main argument of his book, with an opportunity for a Q&A. David Smith will give a presentation followed by a panel discussion with Smith and Stroope. There will be table group discussions on the book, as well as some 'critical' presentations, with a response from Stroope.

The cost is £20 to people from GC and Micah member agencies and churches. Cost for non GC and Micah members is £50. Refreshments and lunch are included in the price. Please complete the form below to book your place.

Cancellation Policy: 50% of the booking charge will be refunded if cancellation is made at least one month prior to the event. For cancellations of less than one month we would not normally expect a refund to be made.