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Education as Mission Forum

Reaching communities for Jesus using education as mission

The Education as Mission Forum is a dynamic group for all those interested in education as an expression of Christian mission. We are newly formed and are excited about the opportunities for collaboration and encouragement that this group offers. We are passionate about walking together with fellow brothers and sisters working out how we use education as a vehicle for mission.

Our vision is to reach communities for Jesus using education as mission.

The main objectives of the Forum are:

  1.     To build relationship between organisations working across all educational phases in formal and informal settings to encourage and inspire one another.
  2.     To share examples of best practice and lessons learnt through conferences and specific interest groups.
  3.     To share and adapt resources freely so we do not reinvent wheels.
  4.     To build organisational capacity in recruitment, retention, impact assessment, research, evaluation and metrics.
  5.     To develop an understanding of common needs for development and combine resources to help meet those development needs.
  6.     To deepen our theological understanding of mission through education.

We are a group that are committed to grow a network of educators and missions involving education to maximise impact and transformation. We are at a key stage where members can set the agenda so that no opportunity is lost for sharing of best practice and prayer. Research tells us that when we invest in school leadership, in teacher professional development and active networking of schools together, education outcomes improve sustainably and consistently. We have an excellent opportunity to ensure that our schools receive the latest in education and missional thinking. We know that school is often a key place that brings communities together and establishing and growing a Christian presence in such a sphere is a great expression of kingdom. We recognise there are also many opportunities to use education as mission outside of formal school settings and we want to embrace and encourage everyone using education as mission however that is being done. We aim to send summaries of issues discussed, links to research and signpost various resources to members.

The Steering Group is led by Roger Pearce (BMS World Mission), David Midwinter (Teach Beyond) and Phil Hawkins (Aprender).