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Faith to Faith Forum

Empowering individuals and churches to reach out to people of other faiths

Faith to Faith, a Christian consultancy and network of individuals, groups and churches, became part of the Global Connections network in August 2007 as a Forum and Resource Centre on other faiths in the UK.

Who is it for?

This forum brings together individuals, agencies, churches, Christian Unions, colleges and any Christians involved in ministry and mission amongst those of other faiths in the UK.

What is the focus of the forum?

The Faith to Faith forum supports Christians in relating to people of other faiths in Britain, through a network of both academics and practitioners, who wish to share their expertise and experiences and to learn together. All Christians are welcome to join us as we seek to be equipped for mission and ministry in our multifaith context in the 21st century.

What is the Faith to Faith Resource Centre?

The Resource Centre’s main focus is to provide or recommend materials for Christians who wish to engage with people of other faiths; these include courses, occasional papers and other materials, some of which are already available in the Global Connections on-line shop. Many matetrials may be found on our Mission in the UK pages.  A range of study courses is currently available from the online shop and we endeavour to maintain a resource list, with your help!  (We are always pleased to hear your recommendations.)

What issues have we covered recently?

As the Faith to Faith network, we have looked at the nature of specific faiths and at how to reach out to people of those faiths (including testimonies and stories), good practice in training, evangelicals in interfaith work, mobilising 18s to 30s in interfaith work, dialogue between young Christians and Muslims, British South Asian spirituality, issues faced by Christian teachers in multi-faith schools, co-belligerence, ministry to Persians in the UK, contextualisation, Asian Family Matters, ethical evangelism amongst people of different faiths and many other issues.  Most recently we have looked at the influence of Buddhism in the UK.

When do we meet?

The forum meets occasionally to look at a specifci topic, the last being the challenge of Buddhism in the UK, on varied days of the week and tries to meet in different parts of the country. Meetings start mid-morning and finish mid-afternoon.

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