Guidance for a mission partner's retirement policy | Global Connections

Guidance for a mission partner's retirement policy

Global Connections as a network is committed to the development of good practice and high standards. This paper on retirement policy guidelines and recommendations is part of a series of guidelines and papers on good practice.

We are aware that mission agencies and churches can be very diverse. As a result each will need to formulate its own policies and procedures taking into account its history, size, international structure and support mechanisms. There are designed to apply to all overseas staff, whether mission partners are officially volunteers, self-employed or employed.

Organisations may need to take legal advice in relation to retirement relating to people employed overseas and may also need to take into account national laws where the person is working. We consider it is best practice to work in an open manner about matters relating to retirement and take into account UK employment law whenever possible. This best practice should be extended to mission partners who are self-employed or volunteers even when there is no legal contract.

An organisation should familiarise itself and keep up to date on financial planning matters for people working overseas. Global Connections provides access to an offshore International Retirement Plan via Zurich International Life. It is available to any member organisation with people working overseas and applies to all workers whatever their employment status.