HIV policy guidelines | Global Connections

HIV policy guidelines

The Global Connections HIV Infection Guidelines are designed to give guidance to any UK based organisation or UK church sending staff or volunteers overseas. The principles should be applied to all types of staff such as mission partners, volunteers working overseas, national/local staff of UK mission agencies and UK staff visiting field locations. Agencies and churches should also apply them in all contexts, both long and short-term, although different procedures might be needed in each context. These guidelines have been formed specifically with cross-cultural contexts in mind, but can also be useful in UK situations, both same-culture and cross-cultural.

They are also designed to help national churches and agencies with whom the UK agency or UK church partners.

These are guidelines of good practice. Our motivation in producing them is based on our desire that God is glorified in all that we do. We recognise the risks to our staff and our responsibility as Christians in protecting and safeguarding them to the highest standards possible.

They are not guidelines for health professionals or for projects relating to people working with HIV infected people. Their primary function is to provide a framework for HR, personnel and member care staff in helping to develop agreed policies relating to the following:

  • Information, education and preventative health measures
  • Ways to protect mission partners, staff and their families
  • Voluntary testing, counselling and confidentiality
  • Terms of appointment and service
  • Living with HIV
  • Caring for carers

All UK agencies should appoint a representative who is responsible throughout the organisation for ensuring that their agency develops, completes and implements its HIV policies and that they are consistent with the required standards set out in these guidelines. Agencies that are part of an international structure should ensure the Head Office has appropriate policies and procedures in place and that the UK office is an integral part of any procedures.