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TCK guidelines

The Global Connections TCK Guidelines are designed to give guidance to any UK based organisation or UK church sending families overseas. The principles should be applied to all types of staff such as mission partners and volunteers working overseas. Agencies and churches should also apply them in all contexts, both long and short-term, although different procedures might be needed in each context. These guidelines have been formed specifically with cross-cultural contexts in mind, but can also be useful in UK situations, both same-culture and cross-cultural.

These guidelines are also designed to help national churches and agencies with whom the UK agency or UK church partners. It is impossible to provide generic policies that fit all circumstances and the needs of all groups. For this reason, the members of the Global Connections TCK Forum have developed this set of guidelines, designed to help agencies and churches think through and develop their own agreed policies and procedures.

The document represents a minimum standard for Global Connections members. In these guidelines the word ‘should’ is used throughout as all the topics raised are considered to be good practice to which agencies and churches should aspire as they develop policies and procedures.

Our motivation in producing these guidelines is based on our desire that God is glorified in all that we do. We recognise the importance of families and our responsibility as Christians in safeguarding and supporting families and children to the highest standards possible.

All UK organisations should appoint a representative who is responsible throughout the organisation for ensuring that their organisation develops, completes and implements its TCK policies and that they are consistent with the required standards set out in these guidelines. Organisations that are part of an international structure should ensure the Head Office has appropriate policies and procedures in place and that the UK office is an integral part of any procedures.

Note: A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside the parents' culture. It includes Missionary Kids (MKs).