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Faith to Faith Resources

The Faith to Faith Resource Centre’s main focus is to provide or recommend materials for Christians who wish to engage with people of other faiths. We also publish an occasional newsletter that is available as a pdf. A range of study courses is currently available from the shop.

Thinking Biblically about Islam - Genesis, Transfiguration, Transformation

Available for £14.99 from: Langham Literature

Colin Chapman writes: Approaching the Bible with all the disturbing questions raised by the study of the Qur’an and of Islam, Ida Glaser and Hannah Kay come up with refreshingly new ways of understanding familiar biblical themes and texts. Because they have taken the trouble to understand how Muslims interpret the Qur’an, and because they also appreciate rabbinic interpretation of the Old Testament, they are able to recognise where there is genuine common ground between Christian and Islamic beliefs and where there are really significant and crucial differences. They have a remarkable lightness of touch which enables them to explain quite difficult ideas very simply – but without over-simplification.  

Between Naivety and Hostility – Uncovering the Best Christian Responses to Islam in Britain

Available for £7.00 from Kitab Books

Some three years in the making and many hours in the developing, this book is a collection of thought–provoking essays on topics essential to all whose lives bring them into contact with Muslims and who wish to be able to understand their Muslim friends and their backgrounds. This book, edited by Steve Bell and Colin Chapman, contains the wisdom and experience of twenty recognised Christians who are involved in Muslim-Christian relations in Britain. The hard issues are addressed head-on and we are shown how to avoid naivety and hostility by acting Biblically and in the spirit of Jesus Christ. 

Friendship First: Course Pack

Available for £30.00 from Kitab Books (also £9.99 for the book only)

This long-awaited interactive six session course, complete with film clips, practical ideas, discussion starters and ‘live’ interviews, will answer the concerns of many Christians who long to make genuine friendships with Muslims, and to share Jesus with them, but fear offending. This new resource brings new vitality, confidence and encouragement to all who relate to Muslim people in the UK.By Steve Bell and Tim Green. 

Joining the Family: Course Pack

Available for £40.00 from Kitab Books (also £9.99 for the book only)

Welcoming Christ's followers of Muslim background into His community. Today growing numbers of Muslims are choosing to follow Jesus Christ. We need to understand their needs, care for them, help them grow in Christ & learn from them.

Come Follow Me: Course Book

Available from: Come Follow Me

The 'Come Follow Me' course helps Christ's followers of Muslim background to grow in their new faith with the help of a mentor. The course method combines self-study, regular discussion (one-to-one or in a group) and practical learning tasks. Both the learner and the advisor need a hard copy of the Course Book. There are detailed discussion questions for each lesson. Many relevant topics are tackled in this course, within the framework of an inductive study of 1 Peter.

Discovering Jesus through Asian Eyes: Course Book

Available as a booklet, ebook and a leader's guide from The Good Book

The Discovering Jesus course is designed for groups to ask the tough questions, the sort of questions that would have you thrown out of any other religious group. It answers some common misconceptions that can stop those of a South Asian background from coming to saving faith in the Lord Jesus whilst including a booklet that any Christians can feel comfortable giving to their South Asian friends. So bring your views and inquisitive mind, and prepare to be challenged by this course. The course takes place over 8 weeks in a very relaxed and friendly setting. Find a course, and find out what happens during each week here

If you would like to come along to a Discovering Jesus course or read more about the Christian faith and who Jesus is, then please email for a free booklet, Jesus through Asian eyes.

Growing Leaders from Diverse Cultures: Leadership in a Multicultural Church

Available for £3.95 from Grove Books Limited

A helpful book full of ideas and thoughtful conclusions.  The author, Andy Jolley, has wide experience of work in multicultural (and deprived) areas.  Now Archdeacon of Bradford, he was previously vicar of Aston Parish in Birmingham and is also Head of Urban Ministry for New Wine.  

If you have other resources to recommend, please contact Ann Bower.

Faith-to-Faith Forum

Global Connections also facilitates a Faith to Faith Forum, bringing together individuals, agencies, churches, Christian Unions, colleges and any Christians involved in ministry and mission amongst those of other faiths in the UK. The aim of the forum is to support Christians in relating to people of other faiths in Britain, through a network of both academics and practitioners, who wish to share their expertise and experiences and to learn together.