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Key healthcare resources

There are a number of really helpful resources available to healthcare workers - click on the links below for further information.  If you have any more you would like us to include, please contact Sandy Morgan.

Books and booklets:

The Electives Handbook – your essential guide to planning and preparing. This is a brand new booklet to help medical and other healthcare students plan and prepare for electives overseas. If you send students on electives, do encourage them to get a copy.

Travelling Light is a series of daily Bible meditations for student electives.  Many students have used and enjoyed these as a companion for their elective helping them to shine the light of God's word on their experiences, look at people and places through God's eyes, enjoy readings and reflections by professionals who've gone before, and give encouragement, insight and fresh challenges.

Short-term medical work – guidelines for good practice.  CMF has produced this booklet for healthcare workers considering short-term visits. These are an increasingly popular way of getting involved in mission overseas, but there are issues that should be thought through in order that they will be a blessing and not a burden. 

The Doctor’s Life of Faith by Janet Goodall is published by CMF.  This book opens up the Bible's story to reveal not only God's plan for your life, but his eternal master plan for his people. The author draws on her experience as a paediatrician in the UK and Africa to show how this life-transforming plan will spur you on to live a life that is pleasing to God. She shows that though we will face many trials along the way, the glorious result will be worth it.

Online resources:

General Practice Notebook is an online encyclopaedia of medicine that provides an immediate reference resource for clinicians in the UK and internationally. Updated continually, the database consists of over 26,000 pages of information. Part of GPnotebook's mission is to provide high quality medical information and advice free of charge to the developing world. Claim your free subscription if you live in a developing country.

The Headington Institute strengthens humanitarian & emergency response organisations by promoting the well-being of their staff so that they have the self-care techniques, resources, and the support they need to thrive in their work.  See their website for further details on longer online certificate courses as well as quick handouts, videos and self tests. 


ARREST – Member Care Services. Drs Debbie and David Hawker are clinical psychologists who specialise in supporting mission personnel and their families. The services offered are: Assessments (psychological reports pre-assignment and mid-assignment); Retreats; Reviews / debriefing (for adults and children); Education; Supervision/ mentoring / guidance; and Therapy (for adults and children).  For further information see their website.

ECHO International Health Services provides grants for innovative healthcare projects, predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa.  Christian mission hospitals, agencies, members of GC and other reputable groups are welcome to apply for grants. (Please note that ECHO does not award grants for running costs or staffing).  Please contact for further details and the grant application guidelines.