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Member Care Forum

Caring for mission partners in the 21st century

Who is it for?

This forum brings together a wide variety of people - member care providers, sending agencies, sending and receiving churches and mental health professionals. The forum provides access to resources and usually meets twice annually. It also arranges occasional 24-hour residential conferences, retreats, and informal support groups. (The Forum has close links to Member Care Europe.)

What is its focus and what issues have we covered recently?

The forum's main focus is to help senders improve the care and development of their mission partners around the world. Topics explored have included Member Care in the Muslim World; Debriefing; Member Care in a crisis situation; Soul Care in Member Care; and Member Care at a Distance.

Who is on the planning team?

The Chair of the planning team is Debbie Hawker (Arrest). Other members include Sarah Hay (ECMI), Tim Herbert (SYZYGY), Claudio Muzzi (Stopsley Baptist Church), Ian Orton (Tearfund), Maryann Richard, Sandy Morgan (GC) and is administered by Nicoleta Mezei (GC). 

For more details, contact Nicoleta Mezei

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