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Growing an international community to reach a multicultural society for Christ.
Our Vision is to grow fruitful disciples of Jesus through the planting and tending of worshipping, discipling & missional communities.
We are an all-age local Christian church in Enfield, North London.
We are a dynamic church made up of people from all walks of life and from different nations.
Communicating Christ in London
Lively Church of England fellowship in a bright modern building
Going deeper with God, Deeper in Community, Deeper in mission to the world.
We are a non-denominational evangelical congregation based in The Coton Centre on the north side of Tamworth.
We are an independent church with a vision to grow deeper in devotion to God, closer in community together and to reach others further for the Gospel.
We are a community of people committed to gathering together to worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
Our church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.
Myton Church is a non-denominational fellowship of evangelical Christians that exists to worship and glorify God
We seek to worship God together with our whole lives, and to follow Jesus as he continues to seek and rescue the ones he loves.
We are a church in Stafford that’s passionate about loving and serving our local community.
River is a network of like-minded churches whose members are united by our passion for Jesus.
St Barnabas Church, North London is a vibrant evangelical, charismatic and missional church in North Finchley with 500+ adults, 70+ youth and 100+ children. We are part of the New Wine network and a London Resource Church.
Our aim as a church family is to bring glory to God in everything that we do and in all that we are. We want to know Jesus Christ and we long to make Him known, in London and around the world.
We are part of the Church of England, in the Diocese of Oxford.
We are a Jesus-centred, Bible-believing, people-loving church in the heart of Harold Wood.
Serving God's transformation of the North.
We want to see Jesus lived out through our lives so that others can share in our faith.