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About MAP

MAP is a partnership of around 50 mission agencies who are all based in Northern Ireland but work all over world in various types of ministries locally and overseas. We believe that there is great importance in partnership and in working together as mission agencies in order to build God’s kingdom more effectively.

Being part of MAP enables the various agencies to save time, money and resources by working collectively on areas of ministry that they wouldn’t have been able to do alone. They use their different interests, gifts, skills and areas of work to organise tailor made mission events for the local church, they are involved in a number conferences throughout the year, they produce mission resources for people of all ages, provide mission opportunities both locally and overseas, and offer advice and expertise in particular issues to each other and to the local church.

MAP is a resource for the church to use – in effect, we are the “one-stop shop to Mission” based here in Northern Ireland. We are a gateway to 50 mission organisations and we can point people to the right agency – or agencies – who can best be of service to them or, indeed, who they can be of help to. Ultimately we want to make it easy for people to find out more about their part to play in God’s mission – whatever age and stage they are in life and our aim is that, by partnering together, with each other and with the local church, we can help advance the Gospel and inspire, mobilise and equip people – young and old – for mission.

If you would like to know more about how MAP can best serve you then email our office for information or to arrange a conversation, contact Jill at jmarrs@globalconnections.org.uk or connect with us via Facebook and Twitter.

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MAP's Vision is to Partner with the Local Church to 'INSPIRE, MOBILISE and EQUIP People for Mission'.