Vision and strategy | Mission Agencies Partnership

Vision and strategy

MAP's Vision is to Partner with the Local Church to 'INSPIRE, MOBILISE and EQUIP People for Mission'.

  1. INSPIRE churches, groups and individuals to make mission central.
    1. Communicate a passion for local and global mission.
    2. Promote an integrated missional lifestyle through events and courses.
    3. Encourage prayer for the mission of God.
    4. Engage and partner with key influencers to share and shape MAP’s vision
  2. MOBILISE churches, groups and individuals for mission involvement
    1. Provide a gateway to ministries and opportunities available from MAP agencies.
    2. Create opportunities for involvement in mission.
    3. Sharpen practical skills for mission involvement.
    4. Provide resources to support mission involvement.
  3. EQUIP mission agencies together to serve more effectively
    1. Create interactions and environments that will ignite partnerships.
    2. Encourage deepening relationships between mission agencies.
    3. Share individual agency celebrations, needs and concerns.
    4. Enable churches and mission agencies to be in conversation with each other.
    5. Identify, develop and share “Good practice” in areas relevant to mission agencies.