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The following video resources have been produced by organisations within the MAP network.


One Life - A short video encouraging us to use our lifes for God's Glory.

Tears for the Saints - Our work is not finished.


Did you know that the disabiled community is considered the least evangelised in the world? Biblica are helping to chnage that with their Accessible Bible!

International Justice Mission

For three years, Thaiyamma and her family were trapped in a forest working under horrific conditions. In her third year in slavery, she was exhausted, 9 months pregnant, and desperate for freedom. She had one chance to speak out against her abusive slave owner. Join Thaiyamma as she tells her story to her young daughter, Lavanya, and takes a stand for women trapped in slavery.


Discover short-term mission opportunities

Release International

This short video is intended to inspire you as you continue to pray for and support the persecuted church.

Teach Beyond

This video highlights the work of Teach Beyond eachBeyond and how they follow Jesus by engaging with the needs of this world – physical, relational, and spiritual. 

Frontiers Ireland

Pray for Zero is a prayer resource for your church to help you pray for an unengaged Muslim people group

Wycliffe Bible Translaters

Imagine you're at a banquet but it's not food or drink - it's a Bible banquet. There are 7,099 guests representing each language of the world but at one end of the table there is abundance whilst at the other there is no single verse of Scripture.

SIM Ireland

An introduction to Serving In Mission