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Equipping and resourcing church leaders to be more effective communicators of the Gospel

LEARN (Leaders Equipping And Resourcing Network) Global recognizes the need for spiritual development in every Christian believer's life. To assist in this development, responsibility leans on church leaders to teach accurate biblical doctrine so that the church will imitate Jesus Christ both within the local and international context.

However, in many parts of the world poverty, unstable politics, along with the growth of false teaching, has increased the challenge for the church leader. LEARN Global aims to assist in developing and resourcing church leaders so that they can teach and explain the Bible accurately and confidently. LEARN Global, therefore, promotes and strengthens effective discipleship through the local Church that will strengthen Christian values in individuals, families, churches, and society as a whole.

LEARN Global delivers a bespoke electronic platform designed to advance personal and communal theological development. Operating as Web and Android applications (Apps), the platform allows the scholar to engage with carefully selected Christian resources at their own pace with all the convenience of an e-reader. Other functions include reading plans, multiple Bible versions, Bible dictionaries, sermon creation and much more.