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Resourcing churches

MAP is a resource for the church to use - in effect, we are the 'one-stop shop to mission' based here in Northern Ireland. We are a gateway to 50 mission organisations and we can point people to the right agency, or agencies who can best be of service to them or, indeed, who the can be of help to. Ultimately we want to make it easy for people to find out more about their part to play in God's mission - whatever age and stage they are in life and our aim is that, by partnering together, with each other and with the local church, we can help advance the Gospel and inspire, mobilise and equip people - young and old - for mission.

A guide to resources available to promote mission at the centre of university life
Seminar and event ideas for churches, youth groups and mid-weeks which can be tailor made to suit all ages.
Learn from and be inspired by those already involved from a variety of mission organisations and local churches.
Is your church and missions group well equipped to ensure that your mission partners are well supported?
Many different languages are spoken by people who have come to Northern Ireland to live, work and study. We can share the gospel with our new neighbours.
Practical suggestions to raise awareness of mission in churches
Find out how to reach the world on your doorstep.
A collection of inspiring and interactive mission resources for children and young people
Interactive mission resources to engage young people with God's work across the world
Short-term mission may include gap year placements, summer teams, career breaks, and much more.
Resources to help you pray for people around the world

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Whatever your individual or Church’s need is, we will meet it with a tailor made programme just for you.

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