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Prayer Resources

PrayerMate is an award-winning Christian prayer app that seeks to help you actually pray for all the people and causes you care about.

PrayerMate brings all your prayer points together. Whether it's your personal prayer points for friends and family, regular updates from some fantastic mission organisations, or the latest PDF prayer letter that just arrived in your inbox, PrayerMate puts it all together in one place and helps you get on and pray.

CU Mission Handbook

The idea of this resource is to give CU mission secretaries and other CU Exec members a guide to the resources which are available through MAP, helping them to inspire those around them at the centre of university life.

MAP want to help you as the CU Exec feel better equipped and supported in your role. We are here to serve and partner with you as you lead your CU and share the good news of Jesus to those around you. MAP have a large variety of excellent mission resources, speakers and ideas and are a gateway to 40 mission organisations who are working in all types of ministries, all over the world.  MAP are dedicated to pray for you, and to serve and link with you throughout the year. We also pray regularly for the CU that you are leading, that God would inspire students across Northern Ireland to share the good news, not only on campus, but to those who don't yet know Him all over the world.

Each year we appoint a MAP agency to link with the CU missions secretary. This person will be able to help you as you plan for the year ahead, and will be able to provide you with ideas, resources, and speakers.

Each year MAP agencies are available to visit a CU and be part of an evening focused on mission.  We can provide up to 20 mission agency stands which students can visit and can pick up information helping them discover how they can be part of God's mission to the world. 

As you begin your role the MAP link person will be in touch with you to meet. If you would like further information on MAP please email our Coordinator, Tim Parks, tparks@globalconnections.org.uk 

IJM Prayer Resources on Justice