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Reaching the world on your doorstep

The World is on our Doorstep. There are people here from many countries. We are surrounded by opportunities, to reach people with the Gospel. 

“He determined … the exact places where they should live … so that men would seek him” Acts 17:26-27

How can we welcome the stranger? How can we show hospitality to the foreigner? How can we effectively build friendships with people from other cultures, overcoming language and cultural barriers and effectively share the Gospel? How can we help integrate internationals into our churches? Where do we fit into God’s big mission to the whole world?

Find out how OMF are reaching East Asians, outside their home country, and how you can be involved.

Returning students have had a huge impact on thier countries, in recent years.  Imagine what would happen if the majority of these influencers had been influenced by Christians they’d met in the UK and Ireland.  God is giving us an amazing opportunity; providing believers with a mission field on their doorstep.

Get more information for your ministry amongst 'East Asians on your doorstep' - please see the attachments.